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There?s a new frontier for IoT, and it represents a new category of IoT deployments: the trucks, trains, buses, planes, ships, and other vehicle fleets that collectively create transportation networks around the world.

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The LoRa Alliance announced that it published the LoRaWAN TS1-1.0.4 Link Layer (L2) Specification. Per the company, this latest definition of the LoRaWAN standard includes all required implementation elements to facilitate LoRaWAN deployments globally.
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According to the company, the ASDM-L-CFS is the first board built to the Intel SDM Large (SDM-L) form factor to support socket type 8th and 9th Generation Intel Core processors. The ASDM-L-CFS provides an ideal solution for powering a range of applications including edge computing.
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u-blox announced that it supplied the technology that made it possible to fly the world?s largest swarm of drones. The flight of 2198 miniature UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) was launched into the night sky over Saint Petersburg, Russia, on September 3.
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Join Wind River? Principal Security Architect Arlen Baker for a fast-paced look at how to bake cybersecurity into can?t-fail devices and systems at the edge.
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Cellular IoT is one way of connecting our devices. But is it the best way? I could make a really good argument why it?s not, and I actually tried to do that in my discussion with Dima Feldman, the Vice President of Product Management at Altair Semiconductor, now a Sony Group Company. In this week?s Embedded Executives podcast., Dima explained how it works and where it makes the most sense.

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