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Many of our electronic devices are now able to listen in on, or even participate in, human conversations. Speech processing provides the foundation for these interactions today, but has been around much longer than you might think.

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With the kit, manufacturers and users can take advantage of Infineon?s security hardware and Connected Home over IP standards, which are both being developed by the Zigbee Alliance. Based on the Raspberry Pi platform, the kit accelerates prototyping, which is paramount for IoT device manufacturers.
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Join Wind River? Principal Security Architect Arlen Baker for a fast-paced look at how to bake cybersecurity into can?t-fail devices and systems at the edge.
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The Health Sensor Platform 3.0 (HSP 3.0) announced by Maxim Integrated, also known as MAXREFDES104#, is a ready-to-wear wrist form factor reference design. Per the company, the device monitors blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate (HR), body temperature, and motion.
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Maxim Integrated released the MAXREFDES117 IO-Link reference design. The new development kit highlights the flexibility of the MAX22515 IO-Link transceiver, all while configuring all modes of the MAX2200 software-configurable analog IO.
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After setting up my father?s 386 SX?complete with a ?turbo? button that let it perform at 16 MHz?many years ago, I?ve stuck with IBM/Microsoft, with the exception of a few forays into Linux. Even after some friends crossed over to Macintosh systems, noting how well they worked, I wrote these systems off as toys, not suitable for serious business or engineering work.

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