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Cloud computing is transforming the IT industry by providing on-demand technological resources to forward-looking organizations. Most of the organizations who rely on data-driven intelligence and product agility embark on the journey of cloud migration. However, the process of moving to the cloud is a daunting task.

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Cloud Migration

The new dSPACE MicroAutoBox III AC Motor Control Solution provides developers with a software connection that enables them to develop complex control algorithms for frequency converters and electric drives.
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Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its portfolio of driver solutions for brushed DC and stepper motors with the introduction of the TC78H660FNG.
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The EMH6 embedded SBC is equipped with Allwinner H6 quad-core processor, 1GB LPDDR3, 8GB storage, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and support for 4G LTE cellular connectivity.
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For the next generation of low-cost, battery operated, wireless IoT products, the design goal is to provide exceptional RF signal range and stability, while also reducing power consumption, in a miniaturized package. As a result, leading RF chipset and component manufacturers are increasingly fine-tuning and improving their products to do just that.

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Wireless IoT


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