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Advances in mobile electronic technologies are enabling the creation of new and more capable portable point of sale (POS) devices. Users depend on the performance of these new devices to enable retail transactions from anywhere. Maximizing uptime and assuring high reliability are mission critical in any retail operation, from small stores to big box stores.

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Codeplay Software announced that software developers working on HPC and AI for embedded systems will be able to take advantage of industry defined open standards from The Khronos Group on RISC-V architectures.
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IAR Systems added new functionality to its development tools for Renesas? RH850 automotive microcontrollers (MCUs). The latest version of the complete C/C++ compiler and debugger toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RH850 can now optionally generate position-independent code and/or position-independent data.
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Per the company, the offering helps automotive OEMs and their suppliers design and develop next-generation cockpit systems on a single high-compute electronic control unit (ECU) system.
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According to analysts, IP theft costs industry a staggering $500 to $600 billion per year. With more than half a trillion dollars at stake, you?d think that IP protection would be top of mind for many electronic device manufacturers.
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IoT and connected device engineers looking for the flexibility of multiple wireless communications standards in a small physical footprint have come to the right place.
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Based Silicon Labs? EFR32BG22 SoC, the BGM220P itself is a full-featured, modern-day Bluetooth connectivity solution, with a 2 Megabit PHY and built-in antenna that support long-range Bluetooth 5 low energy connectivity and Bluetooth Mesh. It has a maximum power output of 8 dBm that helps deliver a robust and reliable RF communications link, RF shielding, and a top-notch receive sensitivity of -98.9 dBm.

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