Tuesday 11/17


3D audio is suddenly a hot topic. Apple recently released a firmware update to AirPods Pro which enables what Apple calls spatial audio. Think of surround sound, the virtual audio reality experience of listening to a band or an orchestra in which you can hear instruments and singers to the left, right, front and back as if you were in the audience.

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Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its portfolio of driver solutions for brushed DC and stepper motors with the introduction of the TC78H660FNG.
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The agreement enables Green Hills Software to offer Sectigo's Icon LabsTM Embedded Firewall, integrated, and optimized for use with Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY real-time operating system (RTOS) and its embedded high-performance TCP/IP v4/v6 host and router networking stack.
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SmartWave Technologies announced that it has acquired Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a global supplier of Industrial IoT communication devices and services. SmartWave Technologies and MultiTech will operate as one under the MultiTech brand.
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According to analysts, IP theft costs industry a staggering $500 to $600 billion per year. With more than half a trillion dollars at stake, you?d think that IP protection would be top of mind for many electronic device manufacturers.
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The age of Big Data is placing increasing demands on storage and processing. Correspondingly, there is a need for faster data transfer speeds. When customers choose solid-state drives (SSDs), they often go by the datasheet?s performance figures. However, the numbers in the datasheet don?t accurately represent typical SSD performance.

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