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Design engineers love development kits, for a bunch of reasons. One, they enjoy seeing how things work and the kits expose the technology. Two, they like to tinker with the boards and see if they can get the board to do what it?s intended to do, as well as some things that it may not have been intended to do. And three, it gives them a nice head start on the development path.

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Renesas Electronics introduced a scalable System-on-Module (SoM) Smart Mobility ARChitecture (SMARC) board solution comprised of 10 Renesas ICs, including microprocessor (MPU), power, and analog ICs.
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The cryptographic companion device is designed to support in-vehicle network security solutions such as secure boot, firmware update and message authentication, including Controller Area Network (CAN) MAC at bus speed.
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The collaboration on an automotive test platform between Rohde & Schwarz and UNH-IOL is designed to benefit OEMs, Tier1s, Tier2s, and system integrators who want to submit their products for compliance test certification.
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According to analysts, IP theft costs industry a staggering $500 to $600 billion per year. With more than half a trillion dollars at stake, you?d think that IP protection would be top of mind for many electronic device manufacturers.
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Setting up and running your own Raspberry Pi home automation system is both fun and useful, and lets you have control of your devices without depending on ?the cloud.?

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