Monday 11/23


?High-performance MCU.? Eyeroll, right? I mean ?micro? is in the word "microcontroller."

Well, the 32-bit GD32E5 series MCU featured at the center of this week?s kit gives credence to the oxymoron by integrating an Arm Cortex-M33 core that clocks in at 180 MHz AND integrates a built-in floating-point unit, hardware multiplier/dividers, access to DSP instructions via the ARMV8-M instruction set, as well as a trigonometric math unit that offloads vector, sine, cosine, exponent, square root, common logarithm, and other mathematical operations from the primary CPU.

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DKW GigaDevice

MicroEJ announced support for the QNX Neutrino RTOS, a microkernel real-time operating system from BlackBerry QNX.
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Mipsology announced that its Zebra AI inference accelerator achieved the highest efficiency based on the latest MLPerf inference benchmarking.
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Winbond Electronics Corporation announced that its W75F, the industry?s first Secure Flash memory device with Common Criteria EAL5+ certificate, has now achieved the ISO26262 ASIL Grade D safety certification.
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AIoT is the melding of AI and IoT. Until not too long ago, these were two independent technologies, for various reasons. The biggest reason is that AI requires a huge amount of compute power, and the IoT, at least at the Edge, generally wasn?t a place where such compute power would reside.
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Flash memories that are suitable for industrial applications form a market of their own. While consumer or enterprise SSDs are built into well-ventilated systems, the suppliers of which cope well with the extremely short product lifetimes of storage media; industrial applications demand higher requirements.

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