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The majority of industrial enterprises have faced increasing cyber threats since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Computer criminals are launching ransomware attacks targeting industrial control systems (ICS). According to computer and information research scientists, it is the first instance of file-encrypting malware that has been built to directly infect computer networks that control operations, manufacturing, and utilities environments.

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Texas Instruments recently expanded its family of high-voltage power-management devices with the introduction of 600- and 650-V gallium nitride (GaN) FETs, dubbed the LMG3425R030. There are four new devices in the family.
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ADLINK will provide university teams with rugged deep learning acceleration edge platforms, engineering resources for in-vehicle computing, and open source software support for ROS-based middleware.
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In the model-based approach of PREEvision, E/E architects and wiring harness engineers work hand-in-hand, using common data: Engineers directly refine the initial description of the electrical distribution system that is developed during the architecture design phase and add further details.
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AIoT is the melding of AI and IoT. Until not too long ago, these were two independent technologies, for various reasons. The biggest reason is that AI requires a huge amount of compute power, and the IoT, at least at the Edge, generally wasn?t a place where such compute power would reside.
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Range anxiety has become a thing of the past. You can now help preserve the environment without worrying about being stuck in it. Governments around the world offer generous financial incentives to offset the premium prices of EVs, hoping to steer you away from buying internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

If you are not already driving an electric vehicle (EV) ? hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV), or all-electric vehicle ? chances are, you may be soon.

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