Monday 11/30


At the HotChips conference 2020, Alibaba announced the Xuantie-910 RISC-V core which is an ultra high-performance processor with an AI acceleration engine based on RISC-V RV64GCV. It has a remarkable performance of around 40% more than U74 by SiFive.

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EdgeQ Announced its launch from stealth with $51 million in total funding, including $38.5 million in a Series A round. The launch is funded by a number of investors such as Threshold Ventures, Yahoo! Co-founder Jerry Yang, Fusion Fund, and others.
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Xilinx announced a collaboration with Texas Instruments (TI) to develop digital front-end (DFE) solutions in an effort to increase energy efficiency of lower antenna count radios.
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Diamond Systems

PRBX announced the release of the ENR500D, a 500W platform designed to comply with the EN 50124-1 standard and for the Pollution Degree 2 (PD2).
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In safety-critical software development, unit testing is mandated by standards. However, not all tests are built equal. This paper discusses approaches you can take with your unit testing to maximize their contribution to the development process.
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Today, the security of medical devices is becoming extremely important to assure customers and patients that interact with your devices that their health and their personal information is taken seriously. Globally, regulators are increasingly requiring and verifying that devices are as secure as possible before and after product release.

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