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In this edition of the Embedded Insiders, Brandon and Rich discuss the semantics of AI and intelligent technology and what qualifies as a smart system these days.

Have marketing engines turned these into over used terms? Are they even being used correctly?

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The AS6221 achieves measurement accuracy of ?0.09?C, over a temperature range from 20?C to 42?C, making it ideal for the measurement of human body or skin temperature. Also, per the company, no competing digital temperature sensor on the market today can achieve accuracy better than ?0.10?C.
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Digi International released its Digi IX10 industrial router. Built to provide connectivity in industrial infrastructures, the newest member of the Digi IX industrial cellular router family, can operate well with digital signage, asset monitoring, and retail applications.
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Solid State Disks (SSD), a storage systems design, development and integration company, has launched HotBackup, a solid state live-host backup solution suited for process and mission-critical legacy computer systems.
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The developer?s journey toward a secure system starts right at the very beginning of the product development, well before one line of code is written. Security must become part of the developer?s DNA, rather than an additional task to be completed.
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The Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2019 is the best option for embedded and IoT devices. These devices have fixed functionality and are built to perform a pre-defined set of tasks.
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Cars and other vehicles are so much safer now than they were just a few years ago, and that trend will continue. Ironically, the more we take the user out of the equation, capitalizing on active safety control systems, the safer the vehicles will become.
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Advances in computer-aided healthcare are coming at us at record-breaking speed. While that in itself can be considered a success, it?s the specific end applications?as well as the patients?that really reap the benefits of these programs.
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If you?re just getting into IoT technology, you?re late to the party. Fortunately, the Arduino Opl? IoT Kit is an edge-to-cloud IoT system that?s backed by tons of helpful tutorials and getting-started projects that will have you partying in no time. You can get it from the official Arduino store for $114. Or, you can enter this week's raffle and try to win one for absolutely free!

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