Networking with CAN FD ? have you also thought about testing?

Steffen Rauh and Andreas Schmidt, G?PEL electronic GmbH

The introduction of new technologies in the automotive industry is a risk- and cost-intensive undertaking. Particularly in the area of vehicle networking, this often means a balance between proven mechanisms, growth of functions, and increased bandwidth thanks to more advanced bus systems. The reliability achieved over the past few years is always the standard and must not be put at risk under any circumstances. The demand for networking tests has enormously increased of late and represents a significant step in the approval process for?Continued...

Arty Z7-20 - Zynq power for Embedded Vision
Order Digilent Arty Z7-20 based on the popular Xilinx Zynq for high definition video processing at Trenz Electronic and receive a 10% discount! The voucher will be valid until 31.10.2017.

Your hardware is not secure

Craig Ramsay, University of Strathclyde

In the last few years, cybersecurity has garnered attention from all top industry folks, with companies now taking security more seriously than ever. However, hardware security is still in a niche phase. Lots of questions remain unresolved. I?m going to answer some of the basic hardware security questions. How safe is your hardware? With the IoT going more mainstream, one would think hardware build to support the IoT must be secure. It?s actually quite the opposite. The current generation of hardware isn?t designed to?Continued...


Issues facing automotive software developers

Andrew Longhurst, Wittenstein

There?s been amazing growth of software use within automobiles in recent years, with cars quickly becoming super computers on wheels. There are now significantly more lines of code within a premium branded car than on a jet aircraft. The challenges facing engineers developing embedded software for automobiles are great, and cover a wide range of issues. In fact, the white paper Issues Facing Automotive Software Developers goes into this in detail. One key challenge to look at is the type of automotive software in?Continued...

Build security into the connected car development life cycle

Mark Pitchford, LDRA

A Boeing 787 aircraft contains something like 6.5 million lines of software. Impressive, until you realize that the modern automobile, with an average of 20 million lines of code, has the airliner beat three times over. And while human life and safety depend on the proper functioning of the software in both systems, the automotive industry has run behind aerospace in ensuring functional safety and security. In recent years, the automotive industry has adopted functional safety standards such as ISO 26262, but hasn?t placed?Continued...

IR vision with Digilent's Arty Z7-20, a Xilinx Zynq 7020-based development board

Digilent, Inc.

The Digilent ARTY Z7-20 enables engineers, system integrators, and designers to get started quickly on embedded vision designs. The Arty Z7-20 hardware platform combines the Xilinx Zynq 7020 programmable SoC with the Xilinx SDSoC design environment and reVISION machine learning stack to enable design teams without deep hardware expertise to integrate computer vision (CV) algorithms in highly responsive systems. With 512 MB of onboard DDR3 SDRAM and HDMI inputs and outputs, users can run various real-time, high-definition (HD) video processing designs on the ARTY?Continued...

Microcontroller Closes the Graphics Gap
The industry?s first MCU to combine a 2D Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and integrated DDR2 memory delivers groundbreaking graphics with increased colour resolution and display sizes.
The three-layer graphics controller in the 32-bit PIC32MZ DA family drives 24-bit colour Super Extended Graphics Array (SXGA) displays up to 12 inches, whilst expansive storage is provided by up to 32 MB of on-chip DRAM or 128 MB externally addressable DRAM. To find out more click here

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