Wednesday 6/5

Infineon Technologies and Cypress Semiconductor announced that Infineon will acquire Cypress for US$23.85 per share in cash, corresponding to an enterprise value of ?9.0 billion.
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Arm has released a suite of IPs that include the Arm Cortex-A77 CPU, Arm Mali-G77 GPU, and Arm Machine Learning (ML) processor.
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A family of high-speed power modules, the flowPACK 1 1200V six pack from Vincotech, features tandem diode technology and a high-speed IGBT for motion control applications requiring higher switching frequencies and lower power loss.
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Toshiba Electronics Europe added the M4G Group to its TXZ Family of ARM Cortex-M-based microcontrollers for office automation, audio-visual equipment, and industrial applications.
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Unwanted substrate couplings can cause parasitic effects that are damaging to overall performance. X-FAB Silicon Foundries introduced SubstrateXtractor, presented as the first commercially-available tool dedicated to addressing the simulation of large-signal substrate parasitic effects.
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In this podcast we talk to Arco Snoey, Global Sales Manager, and Jens Eltze, Strategic Marketing Director at Apex Microtechnology about the state of the industry at the PCIM show in Nuremberg, Germany.
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