Thursday 2/20

When it comes to IoT devices, a very particular question needs to be asked, ?Are the security threats of today any different than they were 10, 20, or even 30 years ago??

The most recent hack that will come to people?s minds is the attack on the Ring Doorbell. But, this is a device that was created in 2012. Most wouldn?t think that even more commonly used devices like a wireless computer mouse or keyboard are considered IoT devices; by definition they are.
Infineon Technologies launched additional members of its CoolSiC MOSFET family to address a wide range of applications, such as server, telecom and industrial SMPS, solar energy systems, energy storage and battery formation, UPS, motor drives, and EV-charging.
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STMicroelectronics announced the release of the ultra-low-power STM32L5x2 microcontrollers (MCUs) that emphasize security to assure better protected IoT-connected applications.
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Infineon Technologies broadened its CoolMOS portfolio with the PFD7 product family, suitable for ultra-high power-density designs.
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The UR32 mobile router series from ICP Germany comes in a compact IP30 package measuring 108 x 90 x 26 mm. The core is an ARM Cortex A7 with 528MHz clock speed, pre-installed 128MB DDR3 RAM, and 128MB Flash memory for the router operating system.
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ERNI released the iBridge Ultra connector, a new addition to its offering of Cable-to-Board solutions. The 2.0mm pitch connectors are designed to provide compact and reliable connection that will withstand high vibration, making it suitable for use in rugged environments.
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IoT Device Security Conference
Rohde & Schwarz introduced the 5G Site Testing Solution (5G STS) that provides an integrated package of test equipment that combines the functional, RF, and signaling tests for 5G installation and troubleshooting.
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STMicroelectronics? L6983 38V/3A synchronous DC/DC converters exhibit a maximum efficiency of 95%, and are highly integrated with synchronous MOSFETs on-chip to save external components and simplify design.
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Embedded World
Sequans Communications S.A. and Avnet announced a distribution agreement stating Avnet will promote and sell Sequans? IoT chips and modules.
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Embedded World 2020 is right around the corner, and the Insiders spend a few minutes forecasting what they expect to see at the show. Some of the main themes they expect are an increased integration of AI and IoT technologies and smarter edge computing nodes based on those technologies. They then get into a semantic disagreement around what constitutes "the edge" and where AI processing will truly take place.
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