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Open Source solutions are a great way to build, deploy, and support data flows and other processes, but to make the most of them, you need a smart approach. They are highly complex and require a lot of love to make them work correctly. The technology delivers the very latest and greatest features. But, let?s be realistic, we all know that its documentation is not always the best, and sometimes its tooling needs improvement. Delivering on the potential of Open Source requires not only highly skilled people to operate these systems, but also people who understand your business.
Rumors of a union between the world?s leading GPU provider and CPU IP vendor have been swirling for a couple of months now, but on Sunday night it became official: NVIDIA is purchasing Arm from Softbank for a reported $40 billion.
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Through the partnership, Siemens? PAVE360 platform will be used to create digital twin simulations for the validation and testing of all processors, electronics, sensors, and systems powering the VSI Labs Capability Demonstrator.
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This software version targets applications that operate with Raspberry Pi and other single board computing (SBC) platforms. It further targets these devices and the full feature set established with Windows, macOS, and Linux x86 versions.
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IAR Systems announced it updated its build tools that supports implementations in Linux-based frameworks for automated application build and test processes.
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Imagination Technologies announced the completion of a new course focused on RISC-V computer architecture for undergraduate teaching as part of its Imagination University Programmer (IUP).
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Rohde & Schwarz announced the release of the R&S FSW-B8001, an option that extends the internal analysis bandwidth of the R&S FSW high-end signal and spectrum analyzer to 8.3 GHz.
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Are electric cars actually better for the environment, and do the majority of buyers really care? Brandon and Rich debate the subject and more in this edition of the embedded insiders. Later, the Insiders are joined by Frede Blaabjerg, an esteemed professor of power electronics and drives at Aalborg University in Denmark.
Embedded Insiders
A recent report from Berg Insight, an IoT market research firm, show that IoT managed service providers have more than 50 million IoT subscribers worldwide. Between Europe and North America, there is a combined 15-20% of the market share.
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Swissbit has extended its range of industrial SD memory cards with new products: the S-50 and S-56 series. Based on industrial grade 3D NAND technology, the new products integrate flash chips with a controller and firmware, which is aimed at delivering high reliability within a robust housing.
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u-blox announced its GNSS platforms beginning with the u-blox M8 and further, supports the newly completed BeiDou navigation satellite system modernizations.
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Dialog semiconductor announced the release of its DA913X-A product family. According to the company, it?s a new line of highly efficient, high-current, automotive-grade, step-down DC-DC (Buck) converters.
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SMARC 2.0 modules stand out thanks to their large number of graphics, camera, sound, network and optional wireless interfaces. They therefore offer embedded system developers a complete, off-the-shelf, credit-card-sized embedded computing core that is ideal for both IoT connected multimedia platforms as well as many other graphics-intensive low-power applications. The updated specification SMARC 2.1 extends this feature set even further.
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