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Thursday 5/23

The majority of IoT nodes capture data. Before decisions can be made using this data, however, it needs to be processed. Today, embedded developers have the option to implement data processing everywhere from within the node itself to all the way out to the cloud.
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The Embedded Insiders? Rich Nass interviews industry consultant and analyst Vin D?Agostino of D?Agostino Industries to get his take on what?s been happening in the IoT world as far as RTOS acquisitions go.
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One of the main events of last week?s IoT World Conference and Expo was Embedded Computing Design?s Best in Show Award announcements. Eight entries were deemed to be worthy of awards, which were on display at the event.

The software environment will accelerate the development of secure applications and services, and be made available through Docker?s commercial enterprise offerings.
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The LSM6DSOX machine-learning core and AI extensions to the STM32Cube development ecosystem allow advanced users to run neural networks for sophisticated pattern recognition such as activity tracking and audio-scene classification.
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The Musca-S1 test chip and an accompanying development board enable IoT SoC designers to evaluate eMRAM technology, which can easily scale below 40 nm to support a broad range of memory and power requirements.
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Haltian Oy is providing industrial businesses with an integrated wireless Smart Factory solution based on its Thingsee IoT platform. The Thingsee IoT platform contains retrofit industrial-grade sensors, gateway device, an edge computing platform based on the AWS IoT Greengrass technology, and optional Private LTE for secure, local wireless connectivity.
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Digi-Key Cypress
In this podcast we talk to Neil Hamilton, co-founder of Thingstream, The company has an intelligent Global Connectivity Platform that offers low-power, cost-effective, ubiquitous IoT connectivity.
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