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Thursday 7/18

There are several wireless networking infrastructures vying for the title of default IoT backbone, and among them, the rapidly-growing LoRaWAN community is offering itself as that solution.
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In this column, we?ll take a look at controlling power at a system level, including that of external peripherals and the regulator.
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With all the IoT standards around, which one should you choose? Zigbee, Thread, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi technology? Or maybe LoRa? Or should you just wait for 5G and NB-IoT?
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There are still challenges to overcome in the adoption of blockchain in IoT. Bitcoin?s legal status and its regulation are still in question around the world, and similar questions regarding compliance must be considered.

42Crunch security deploys a 20 MB micro API firewall to protect microservices from attacks or vulnerabilities. The micro API firewall is deployed in sidecar proxy mode within Kubernetes pods, and incurs only sub-millisecond latencies when enforcing API security.
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Knowles Corporation released its IA8201, which provides voice activation and multi-microphone audio processing optimized for power-sensitive applications.
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End-to-end security, going from the Edge of the IoT to the Cloud, is not something you hear a lot about. Why? Because it?s hard to implement. Securing the individual pieces is far easier, but then you?re left to connect those sometimes incongruent pieces.
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The recent LoRaWAN Live! Event in Berlin, Germany underscored the vitality and excitement of the wireless IoT industry. LoRaWAN is positioning itself as the default wireless IoT infrastructure technology. The event?s presentations were very well attended, and the exhibit area was full of innovative solutions.
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