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Thursday 9/12

IAR DevCon
Organizations in all industries are looking for ways to capitalize on technology megatrends like AI, machine learning and the IoT. More than just increasing efficiency and reducing costs, these enabling technologies allow for the implementation of new applications, services and revenue models. Given the recent discontinuation of popular 3rd generation Intel Core processors, COM Express offers a scalable path forward.
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This article describes the value of IoT for manufacturing and defines an ROI model for building a business case and tracking results related to IoT initiatives.
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Avnet and Trusted Objects will offer an end-to-end security solution for low-power IoT devices.
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Actility and Hiber have partnered up to help remote areas of the world have access to LoRaWAN connectivity. Hiber global nano-satellite connectivity via the Actility ThingPark Wireless and ThingPark Enterprise LoRaWAN management services will assist IoT service providers and companies operating in desolation.
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Ossia, E-PEAS, and E Ink unveiled a battery-free wirelessly-powered Electronic Paper Display (EPD) prototype. The companies plan to release this leading-edge technology for commercial use by the end of next year.
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IoT is evolving. We?ve added components like AI and machine learning, more complex Edge nodes, and so on. Hence, I thought the time was right to speak to someone in the cat bird?s seat about what designers can expect in the IoT space over the next few years. That ?someone? was Cliff Ortmeyer, Head of Technical Marketing, Newark, who was my guest on this week?s Five Minutes With?discussion.
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This week's kit is the Maxim Integrated MAX86150EVSYS, a mobile health monitoring evaluation platform. But rather than one piece of hardware, you actually get two: The MAX86150 electrocardiogram and photoplethysmogram bio-sensor module, and the MAX32630FTHR microcontroller board. Watch to find out more.
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