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Tuesday 10/29

When access to the cloud is impaired, access to this storage and off-site intelligence is interrupted. The impact on an IoT system depends on its reliance upon these cloud resources.
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Designed for high-performance AI and IoT workload processing, scalable EGX platforms are powered by NVIDIA compute platforms ranging from Jetson Nano modules to NGC-Ready Edge Servers.
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SPI has become the first OEM to achieve PSA Certified Level 1 status.
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Antenna Company launched the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) compatible MIMO antenna system for increasing network capacity, extending range and reducing latency.
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The RA family is PSA Certified Level 1 and includes the RA2 series (operating at up to 60 MHz), the RA4 series (up to 100 MHz), the RA6 series (up to 200 MHz), and the still-to-come dual-core RA8 series.
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MachXO3D secure system control FPGAs combine a secure, dual-boot configuration block with 9K LUTs to simplify establishing a hardware root of trust.
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Burgeoning trends like autonomous automobiles, the Internet of Things (IoT), and increasingly sophisticated industrial and manufacturing devices, machines and systems are forcing change in the world of embedded systems. The old, purpose-built, closed legacy architectures are giving way to a fluid, software-defined, and connected approach.
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IAR DevCon
The semiconductor content in automobiles continues to grow. That?s a good thing for lots of people, including the bad guys. As more end points appear in the vehicle, they become more vulnerable to attack. The question I posed to this week?s Embedded Executive, Andrew Longhurst, Managing Director, Wittenstein High Integrity Systems, is simply, ?what do we do about that?"
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