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Tuesday 3/31

This kit has a nickname: BOB. The MAX11131 on the BOB is a 16-channel, 12-bit successive approximation register ADC with a sampling rate of 3 Megasamples per second. But the real headliner of the MAX11131BOB is a feature called SampleSet, which is a user-programmable analog input channel sequencer for multi-channel applications that allows you to adjust the sample rate for each input channel individually.

And we're giving away 11 of them this week. Interested?
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The PSA Certified initiative has enjoyed an exciting year, resulting from hard work by the full PSA Certified founding members and lead partners. Momentum is increasing as more and more partners join the PSA Certified scheme.
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Developers building IoT sensor devices face a host of challenges and decisions. Which of the emerging IoT standards should they embrace? How can they distinguish their products in this competitive emerging field? How can they meet time-to-market challenges? Which IoT protocols should be utilized?

With these challenges, security can become an afterthought
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A customized version of the Eclipse IDE, RT-Thread Studio enables C/C++ programming, editing, and code refactoring; RTOS configuration; SDK management; and other features through an intuitive graphical interface that improves development efficiency.

Available for free to the open-source community, RT-Thread Studio currently supports the complete line of STM32 MCUs, ST-Link and J-Link emulators, and various terminal tools.
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The company?s research showed that 49 percent of respondents already use AI in their IoT applications, with Machine Learning (ML) the most used technology (28 percent), followed by cloud-based AI (19 percent).

In opposition, there were still 51 percent of respondents that have not adopted or implemented AI technology into IoT applications.
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Based on Fujitsu's Bluetooth 5 FWM7BLZ20B module, the beacons are built around on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 SoC and leverage the benefits of Bluetooth 5.
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End users of embedded and IoT devices expect snappy, intuitive, and interactive graphical user interfaces on IoT endpoints. That means you, the embedded or IoT device engineer, needs to at least start building towards a functional GUI while also handling the firmware, operating system, networking stacks, security, and all of the other requirements that will make your system a commercial success.

Join Brad Rex, Senior Manager in the MCU Business Unit at Renesas Electronics on this episode of Embedded Toolbox as he endeavors to build an IoT-enabled Weather Panel in just 15 minutes using Renesas RA MCUs, SEGGER AppWizard, and Amazon FreeRTOS.

Oh, and check out the description to win a free Renesas EK-RA6M3G graphics evaluation kit.


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