IoT Design

Thursday 5/7

The Internet of Things (IoT), combined with the medical industry?s stringent semiconductor standards, continues to fuel the optical sensor?s significance as the baseline building block to a comprehensive solution.
Intel announced it is using the 10th Gen Intel? Core? processors in an effort to make edge processing more powerful. The processors, which are used as a foundation for IoT platforms, comes equipped with 10 cores, 20 threads, LGA socket scalability, and embedded use conditions.
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Fujitsu Component America has released a series of battery-powered Wirepas Mesh technology mesh units and mesh-sensor units. According to the company, the devices simplify the construction of large-scale decentralized networks to allow ideal IoT solutions for position tracking and sensor data collection.
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Arm announced the release of the Arm Flexible Access for early-stage Startups. The program is an extension of the Flexible Access program. According to the company, it offers silicon startups zero-cost access to Arm?s IP, in addition to global support and training resources.
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Laird Connectivity has released the Sentrius MG100 Micro-Gateway for bridging Bluetooth sensor data to the cloud.
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A plethora of security technologies has emerged to serve the Internet of Things (IoT) and other embedded system designs over the years. Trusted platform module (TPM) is one of the most prominent security platforms that is based on the IEEE 802.1x authentication framework and can be easily integrated into low-power edge computing designs.

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