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Friday 6/5

Are these memory cards with a security solution or a security solution in the shape of memory cards?
memory chips
Alkemist helps reduce the attack surface of Yocto-built embedded systems, which contain identical images that mean a single vulnerability could potentially impact thousands of systems. Alkemist does this through a procedure called load-time function randomization (LFR).
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TT Electronics announced the launch of 'Speed to Connect', a framework that enables customers to deploy smart IoT solutions quickly and more cost effectively than going it alone, according to the company.
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The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and the DiiA announced a collaboration designed to accelerate the adoption of IoT-enabled commercial lighting systems.
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EdgeX Foundry announced the availability of its "Geneva" release. According to the company, this release offers suitable security, analytics, and connectivity for IoT devices.
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Artila Electronics introduced the new IoT Gateway Matrix-704 featuring a rugged ARM processor coupled with the open Linux operating system.
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In order to make the IoT Data Marketplace, enabled by blockchain, a reality, storage is the fundamental layer for any data strategy. Clearly, larger capacities are required to support the rise in sensors and connected devices around the world. But it?s not just about storing the data. It?s what you do with the insights gleaned from the data that counts.

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