IoT Design

Friday 6/19

IoT endpoints lie at the frontier of embedded vision. And, as with other frontiers, there are challenges, not least of which is power efficiency. Can inferencing at the extreme edge happen without exceeding the node?s power capacity?
clock cycles
The RFP kit, which is based on a COM Express Type 6 module, features three virtual machines built on real-time systems? hypervisor technology in vision applications.
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The DACs integrate direct digital synthesis, a programmable anti-sinc filter, a digital up-converter with four interpolation stages and sinc compensation, and a programmable complex mixer for RF signal processing tasks.
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The amendment adds 14 new rules that focus primarily on security concerns according to the ISO C Secure Guidelines.
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WattIQ announced the commercial availability of their IoT solution for asset utilization and condition monitoring built around smart plugs. The asset intelligence solution allows enterprises to monitor device utilization, health, and location of assets by plugging into WattIQ?s network of connected smart plugs.
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NetApp turned to Iguazio to replace their traditional data warehouse and Hadoop-based data lake with a Kubernetes-powered, cloud-native, serverless data science platform which can analyze massive amounts of data in real-time.
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With the adoption of IoT, connected applications and systems are moving to the cloud. The number of end-devices and data generated on the cloud is also increasing. Edge devices like sensors, mobile devices, wearables, robots, and many other connected devices in IoT ecosystem generate a huge amount of decentralized data.

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