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Friday 6/26

Jennifer Fernick, Head of Research at NCC, spoke with Embedded Computing Design about 26 vulnerabilities found in the Zephyr RTOS and MCUboot bootloader during a recent security analysis.
The Ada language abstracts most direct interaction with memory onto compilers, transitioning things like memory checks from a manual human operation to automatic. Get ready to save tons of debug time.
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An application program interface (API) is included to link IoT network data securely between Wanesy Management Center and TagoIO?s platform.
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The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) released its latest specification for the latest Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0) technology, the Feature Application Programming Interface (FAPI) standard.
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The purpose of the MCU is to reduce power consumption and size while increasing the reliability of IoT applications. It supports both flash and SRAM embedded memory.
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Siemens announced it has acquired UltraSoC Technologies, a Cambridge, UK-based provider of instrumentation and analytics solutions that put intelligent monitoring, cybersecurity, and functional safety capabilities.
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Privacera released its newest version of the Privacera Platform, and enterprise data governance and security solution for machine learning and analytic workloads in the public cloud.
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Many industries have started seeking for connected solutions as it can be leveraged in all industries where continuous monitoring, tracking, and actions are required like Smart Homes and Automation, Agriculture, Health Care, Logistics, Supply Chains, Automobiles, and many more.

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