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Friday 7/10

Securing connected devices begins far sooner than most think, and extends far beyond the job of a single engineer or company. Even in systems that utilize robust components, vulnerabilities can present themselves as early as the semiconductor manufacturing stage and persisit throughout firmware development, application programming, and connecting devices to networks.
The STMicroelectronic?s STEVAL-IDB008V1M Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 (BLE) evaluation platform is designed to accelerate application development with modules, featuring BlueNRG-2, the company?s second-generation BLE System-on-Chip (SoC).
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Synaptics announced a definitive agreement to acquire the assets and manufacturing rights of wireless IoT business, Broadcom. The deal is work approximately $250 million all-cash.
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Real-Time Innovations (RTI) and SoC-e together announced a new partnership. The companies will provide Data Distribution Service (DDS) and TSN solutions for those seeking communications performance optimization over distributed systems.
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On Semiconductor released a Bluetooth Low Energy mesh networking solution based on the company?s ultra-low-power RSL10 System-in-Package (RSL10 SIP). The solution has elements needed for the development and deployment of mesh networks.
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In this edition of the embedded insiders, Brandon and Rich discuss how digital twins that reflect physical IoT systems can not only record the status of real-world devices, but simulate how the device could react under certain conditions in the future. And, how these twins can also potentially be used to help inform future designs.

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