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Thursday 7/16

With TSN, all data across the factory?from the floor to servers, front office, and everywhere in between?can coexist and communicate. Because TSN is the first step to breaking down existing data siloes that hinder industrial communications, it can enable ubiquitous access to precious, decision-making data.
The Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) and the LoRa Alliance have formed a partnership to advance data-driven solutions with water networks, and drive adoption of the LoRaWAN? open standard in the water metering sector.
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GMO GlobalSign announced the availability of its IoT Edge Enroll v2, an IoT device identity enrollment and management service. The purpose of the service is to secure and optimize device enrollment in GlobalSign?s public key infrastructure (PKI) IoT identity platform.
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Multi-Tech Systems announced the release of its Dragonfly 4G-LTE Cat 4 global capable embedded cellular modem. Its purpose is to address global IoT deployments by supporting 19 LTE bands (4G Cat 4), 7 WCDMA bands (3G HSPA+), 4 GSM bands (2G EGPRS), and includes an integrated GNSS receiver.
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ICARVISIONS released its IVMS(web) platform for support of AI and big data. The use of big data is critical within smart cities. The analysis of data sets are complex when considering volume and variety.
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CDC in embedded database systems can be implemented in several different ways that are sometimes invisible to applications, and ways that applications can exploit for data sharing, responding to events, and incremental back up.

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