IoT Design

Friday 9/4

As the data explodes, cloud storage is being strained for data computation, storage, and management. The cloud server might take time to act on data as it works as a centralized mainframe to store and compute data and is often located far away from the IoT endpoints. This has led to the emergence of fog computing ? to shoulder the burden of cloud computing services.
IoT Edge Computing
Raltron developed the RGP Series, an ultra-wide band parabolic antenna series that provides continuous coverage for frequencies ranging from 600 MHz to 6.5 GHz.
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The rugged PPC-12-413 single board computer is ideal among panel PCs in providing PC/104-Plus expansion ability while harnessing the power of the Intel Atom E3845 CPU and offering up to 8G DDR3L of system memory.
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The National Narrowband Network Co (NNNCo), a LoRaWAN? network operator, announced a partnership with Digital Matter, a GPS and IoT hardware developer. The partnership has made Digital Matter?s battery-powered GPS tracking devices N-Tick Certified.
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Based on our experience performing hundreds of engineering design projects, our engineers have identified several key considerations that require special attention during the planning, design, and development of data acquisition systems.
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We?ll make things better the second time around, and PowerFilm has certainly delivered on that with this week?s kit. A while back we reviewed the company?s Indoor Solar Development Kit, but now we?re onto the Indoor/Outdoor Solar Development Kit, the company?s first with ?inside-out? capabilities.

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