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Thursday 10/1

The IoT is all about what?s happening at the Edge. The sensors absorb the information in some manner, and that could range from a simple temperature sensor all the way up to some sort of number-crunching device that receives data from various sources (also known as sensor fusion). In some cases, computations occur at the Edge, a decision is made, and an action is carried out.
VOLANSYS launched the IoTPAD program, which provides qualifying participants eligibility to take advantage of the company?s gateway and loud platforms at zero cost.
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The newest addition to the company?s 5G antenna portfolio was developed for enhanced efficiency and performance from 600MHz to 3800MHz. Further, it operates with cellular bands B71 (617-698 MHz), LTE 700, GSM850, GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900, WCDMA2100, B40 (2300 ? 2400 MHz), B7 (2500-2690MHz), and B78 (3300-3800MHz).
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The MIPI Alliance announced the availability of MIPI Debug for I3C v1.0, a scalable debug and test specification for 5G, IoT, and automotive systems, among others.
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We love our crystal balls, especially as we get into the later part of the year. I can make all the predictions I want, but my job doesn?t typically depend on whether my predictions are accurate. That?s not the case with product management folks, such as Ellen Boehm, who is the Senior Director of IoT Product Management for Keyfactor. Ellen has to determine what markets are going to be hot and why when it comes to IoT. I ask her to share of those details on this week?s Embedded Executives podcast.
Ellen Boehm

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