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Friday 10/16

As the need for sensing capabilities becomes more prevalent in modern applications focused on machine health and other Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, so does the need for simpler interfaces with fewer I/Os and smaller device footprints. The density of devices connected to a single microprocessor or FPGA is continuing to increase. This is happening while application space, and as a result, the number of I/O pins can become constrained.
GPIO digital interface
The module, which is based on Nordic Semiconductor?s nRF5340 Bluetooth low energy chipset, is reportedly the first to host the NORA-B1, an Arm Cortex-M33 dual core MCU.
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Beckhoff Automation released the EL51xx EtherCAT Terminals, which features built-in incremental signal analysis functionality. As incremental encoders have become increasingly more important due to their compactness, the EL51xx series meets the need for analysis of 5V incremental encoders wiith RS422 and TTL signals.
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According to the company, designing with STM32G0 and TouchGFX lets developers target a bill of materials as low as $5 to add a small graphical display to any project. Simple devices such as timers, controllers, and home appliances can thus offer a smartphone-like user experience.
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Learn how to bake cybersecurity into can?t-fail devices and systems at the edge in this educational video series with Wind River. The seven-part series takes you from implementing Confidentiality, Integrity, and Assurance (CIA) principles to maintaining secure embedded systems throughout the product lifecycle, all in less than 30 minutes.
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We?re all aware of hackers who attempt to gain access to private information on the internet, but most of us don?t think twice about just how dangerous a cybersecurity threat can be in the context of a vehicle. Many of the possibilities are outlined in the popular 2015 ?Jeep Hack? article on Wired. Still a consumer ? and industry ? knowledge gap still exists between cybersecurity for your PC and cybersecurity for your SUV.

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