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Friday 11/6

After understanding your business requirements, identify cloud platform tools and technologies required for the migration of your application. Some of the well-known readily available cloud services like AWS Server Migration Service (SMS), Database Migration Service (DMS), and DirectConnect from Amazon or Classic Migrate, Database Migration Services from Azure can help businesses to migrate the existing component over the cloud.
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The LoRa Alliance announced that it published the LoRaWAN TS1-1.0.4 Link Layer (L2) Specification. Per the Alliance, this latest definition of the LoRaWAN standard includes all required implementation elements to facilitate LoRaWAN deployments globally.
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Coupled with the KMS, Tata Communications? MOVE Global IoT Solution will create an en-to-end solution for zero-touch onboarding of the IoT devices to cloud services.
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The xGM210PB features Secure Vault, the Arm PSA Level 2 certified state-of-the-art IoT device security, as well as dynamic multiprotocol support for Bluetooth, Zigbee, and OpenThread with robust, and supports Wi-Fi coexistence. Further, it offers up to +20dBM output power and more than -104dBm sensitivity.
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What?s needed, in my opinion, is a system that is hosted on-site, with a variety of devices that can be programmed and controlled as needed, without being locked into one vendor. Also, it should use your existing WiFi setup. Sound too good to be true? In fact, I?ve been able to test two separate systems doing so, that can run on a $40-ish Raspberry Pi and control a variety of devices.

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