Sponsored by: Intrinsic ID
Sep 20, 2021 11AM EDT(8 months ago)
The need to protect the integrity of our data and privacy is at an all-time high. This protection can only be done with security solutions that are rooted in the hardware of the devices we use and that scale over the different technologies. This webinar shows how you can utilize QuiddiKey®, the Intrinsic ID hardware IP based on SRAM PUF technology, to protect sensitive data and store them securely in NVM, on or off chip. We will explain how to: ·       Create a PUF root key from a chip’s silicon fingerprint ·       Derive device-unique cryptographic keys for different purposes, applications and users ·       Create a secure vault for storage of keys and sensitive data Who should attend? This webinar is must-see for technical professionals considering QuiddiKey in a system or as part of a security solution.  What will you learn? The webinar provides a first look at how to secure your chips from the ground (silicon) up. It shows how you can create a strong root of trust from the hardware of any chip, without adding expensive NVM for key storage and while only using standard CMOS technology. About QuiddiKey QuiddiKey®, the Intrinsic ID flagship product, enables device manufacturers and designers to secure their products with internally generated, device-unique cryptographic keys. QuiddiKey uses the inherently random start-up values of SRAM as a physical unclonable function (PUF), which generates the entropy required for a strong hardware root of trust. QuiddiKey IP can be applied easily to almost any chip—from tiny MCUs to high-performance SoCs.