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Oct 13, 2022 5PM EDT(in 2 months, 3 days)
There are a number of organizations with ongoing efforts to build digital twins and virtual worlds for a variety of industries and use cases. In order to properly model the real-world, these digital twins must be interoperable in order to form a “system-of-systems” to model larger environments and effects that one digital twin may have on another. Join us as digital twin experts describe a system interoperability framework that allows for inter-discipline collaboration, information exchange, and model development that can allow for independently developed systems to be combined into a global metaverse where larger actions and consequences can be explored. Please note: This session is part of our Building the Metaverse virtual conference. Learn more and register for the full event here: https://www.bigmarker.com/series/building-the-metaverse/series_summit?utm_bmcr_source=DigitalTwinInteroperability
Moderator: Brandon Lewis, Editor-in-Chief, Embedded Computing Design