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Oct 13, 2022 11AM EDT(in 2 months, 3 days)
If you thought the metaverse was a place where gamers’ avatars live, you’d be right. But that’s just one incarnation of the metaverse. Another is the industrial metaverse, where high-fidelity models based on real-world physics help engineers, developers, and data scientists like you create digital twins that mimic actual systems. With digital twins at your fingertips, you can drastically reduce the time, cost, effort, and risk associated with physical prototypes and predict the future by simulating how systems respond to limitless stimuli, phenomena, and environmental scenarios. You can then go a step further into the industrial metaverse by connecting your design with others in a system of virtual systems to discover how it performs in the context of an entire sector’s worth of domain-specific data – and more.
Moderator: Brandon Lewis, Editor-in-Chief, Embedded Computing Design