Upcoming Virtual Events

Sponsored by: TrustInSoft & LDRA
Dec 13, 2022 11AM EDT (in 11 days, 2 hours)
There are some technologies we just can’t seem to get away from, and that includes static analysis. As good as today’s tools are – and they are lightyears from what was available a decade ago – there is still a lot of human in the test loop. And that human costs time, money, and is prone to mistakes... [Read More]
Sponsored by: Digi-Key & Raspberry Pi
Dec 15, 2022 11AM EDT (in 13 days, 2 hours)
This third class in the Developing with Pi series delves into programming the Raspberry Pi Pico W, enabling WiFi for the RP2040 chip. We'll show how to use it to generate a local web page, creating a simple wireless interface that you can use to interact with your board via a computer or other smart... [Read More]