AI & Machine Learning
Image Credit: Fibocom
Fibocom Leverages Qualcomm to Support 13 TOPS

Chad Cox

June 13, 2024

During COMPUTEX, Fibocom launched a series of on-device AI solutions leveraging the Qualcomm QCS8550 and QCM6490 processors. The platform was developed to support compute-intensive application developments such as robotics, automated vehicles, video collaborations, and smart retailing to promote the enhancement of industrial digitalization and intelligent transformation.


COMPUTEX 2024 & Robotics AI and Sensing with Texas Instruments

June 13, 2024

On this episode of Embedded Insiders, Senior Technology Editor, Ken, and Errol Leon, System Engineering & Marketing Manager of Robotics at Texas Instruments (TI) discuss the work of robotics in collaboration with humans and the role of motor control, board-to-board communication and sensor fusion in the future of robotics.

But first, Rich and Ken recap a recent trip to Taipei for COMPUTEX 2024.