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Image Credit: Edge Impulse
Edge Impulse Enables Visual Anomaly Detection on any Edge Device

Chad Cox

July 22, 2024

San Jose, California. Edge Impulse announced an innovation enabling visual anomaly detection on any edge device, from NVIDIA GPUs to Arm MCUs, through the first model architecture of its kind, FOMO-AD (Faster Objects, More Objects - Anomaly Detection). To enhance the productivity of visual inspection systems, the scalable FOMO-AD can train models to identify and index anything outside set criteria as an anomaly in video and image data.


Embedded Executive: Defining the SDV, Arm

July 17, 2024

If the software-defined vehicle (SDV) comes off as planned, life for consumers becomes a whole lot easier. “If” is the key word in that sentence, and there’s tons of debate as to when that might actually happen.