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Image Credit: LDRA
LDRA Released its Domain-Specific Software Productivity Packages for the LDRA Tool Suite

Chad Cox

April 12, 2024

Wirral, United Kingdom. LDRA released its domain-specific software productivity packages for the LDRA tool suite. With these packages, designers can simplify processes and reduce costs by replacing disparate traceability, software analysis, and compliance reporting tools with a unified solution. Tailored to meet the functional safety and security standards of embedded industries including aerospace, automotive, industrial controls, rail transportation, energy, consumer devices, and medical devices.


Embedded Executive: Proprietary Vs. Open AI Ecosystems, Infineon

April 10, 2024

AI MCU vendors have mostly been putting themselves into two camps when it comes to the ecosystem. On one side, the vendor is providing everything themselves. In the other camp, the vendor is relying on partners and the community at large to provide the ecosystem. I recently spoke to Steve Tateosian, SVP of Industrial MCUs, IoT, Wireless, and Compute Business at Infineon, as the company just announced a bunch of AI MCUs and I wanted to find out which camp he was residing in. Find out on this week’s Embedded Executives podcast.