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Kurk Mathews is a senior applications manager for the Power Products Group at Analog Devices in California. Kurk joined Linear Technology, now part of Analog Devices, as an applications engineer in 1994, supporting isolated converters and high power products. His group supports power applications and the development of new controllers, monolithic converters, and gate drivers. Kurk graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S. in electrical engineering.

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Analog & Power

A Practical Method for Separating Common-Mode and Differential-Mode Emissions in Conducted Emissions Testing - Blog

August 09, 2021

EMI from switching regulators is broken down into radiated and conducted emissions (CE). This article focuses on conducted emissions, which can be further classified into two categories: common-mode (CM) noise and differential-mode (DM) noise. Why the CM-DM distinction?

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