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Don’t Let Storage Be an Afterthought in Designing for IoT, the Metaverse, and Automotive - Story

January 17, 2022

Embedded devices are generating an enormous surge of data. That should come as no surprise to anyone who works in the IoT space. What might be surprising is just how big this surge is.


Can Western Digital Really Reimagine the Hard-Disk Drive? - Blog

September 16, 2021

The headline is “Western Digital Reimagines the Hard Drive.” Is that even possible? Can there really be something revolutionary in the hard-drive space? Apparently there is, as the company has come up with a flash-enhanced drive architecture that breaks traditional storage boundaries.


Embedded Executive: Huibert Verhoeven, SVP/GM, Western Digital - Podcast

April 14, 2021

Is memory that’s aimed at a specific market really customized for that segment, or is it just marketing spiel? We have mobile memory, IoT memory, AI memory, and so on. Are they really different?

Networking & 5G

How 5G and Digital Transformation Will Impact Storage - Story

September 25, 2020

The arrival of 5G is expected to bring a dramatic increase in speeds, low latencies, and an unforeseen level of network capabilities.

Networking & 5G

Western Digital Powers Mobile Applications in the 5G Era - News

February 19, 2020

Western Digital released its new Western Digital iNAND MC EU521, an embedded Universal Flash Storage (UFS) device.

AI & Machine Learning

Expert Predictions for 2020 Part 4: AI and Machine Learning - Blog

December 27, 2019

In part four of our five-part series, experts from Western Digital and MathWorks share in detail their thoughts on the future of AI and Machine Learning.


Expert Predictions for 2020, Part 2: IoT and the Cloud - Blog

December 24, 2019

In part two of our five-part series, experts from Keysight and Western Digital share in detail their thoughts on the future of the Cloud.