Responsible for overseeing the technical direction of all product lines at KEMET including Tantalum, Film, Ceramic, Electrolytic, and Super capacitors, magnetic and EMC products, and sensor and actuator products. This includes product development, new materials development, organic growth initiatives, and inorganic growth initiatives. Specialties: Materials development, capacitor development, electrochemistry, conductive materials, dielectrics, Research and Development management.

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Analog & Power

Maximizing High-Rise PCB Real Estate to Enable Electronic Product Design to Shrink - Blog

August 02, 2021

One trend that continues to define electronic product design is miniaturization. At every stage, smaller is better: from the channel length of transistors to the size of the end product. This is clear from the way communication devices, portable computers, and wearable electronics have shrunk since their inception (figure 1).

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