Director of Product Marketing

Premio Inc.

Dustin is an avid technology advocate for enterprise businesses and specializes in crafting product marketing campaigns for industries focused in the hardware engineering, manufacturing, and deployment of industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, and x86 embedded and edge computing solutions. He is currently the Director of Product Marketing at Premio Inc, a global solutions provider dedicated in the engineering and deployment of computing technology from the edge to the cloud.

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Analog & Power

Power Management: Intelligent Transportation Stays on Track with Supercapacitor Integration - Blog

March 20, 2024

High-density power backup is a smart fit for data protection and ignition management when paired with rugged edge computers.


Today’s Interactive Kiosks Deliver the Goods with Automation - Blog

April 24, 2023

Next-gen intelligent kiosks leverage industrial edge computing and AMD Ryzen™ for I/O and thermal advancements.


M.2 Accelerators: AI Inference at the Rugged Edge - Blog

July 22, 2022

Meeting the hurdles of real-time computing in non-data center environments. 


Improve Autonomous Vehicle Testing with Split-Architecture Embedded Computers - Story

May 25, 2022

We can no longer say, “autonomous vehicles are coming.” Now, it’s “autonomous vehicles are here.”


75% Of Data Will Be Processed Outside The Cloud By 2025. Are You Rugged Edge Ready? - Other

August 03, 2021

What Are The Top Hardware Needs For Edge Computing? 

As the number of IoT and IIoT devices continues to increase, so does the volume and velocity of data being generated. Edge computers are deployed to alleviate the burdens placed on the cloud and data centers. What are the hardware needs for edge computing? Here are the top 5 key features.


NVMe at the Rugged Edge: Powering Inference Analysis in Extreme Industrial Computing - Story

May 07, 2021

Real-time, high-performance data eliminates challenges of bandwidth, latency, and cloud resources

Articles 1 - 6