Product Enginering Manager

Analog Devices

Experienced leader in technology product development, R&D, and management. Background in video and audio processing, consumer and Pro/AV electronics, high dynamic range imagers, video analytics, Industrial IoT analytics, DDS, clocking, DACs, ADCs, JESD204B, SERDES, BER testing, mixed signal, analog, digital signal processing (DSP), wideband GSPS ADCs for direct RF sampling, Inertial Measurement, Gyros, Accelerometers. Development in R, C, Python, Matlab.

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Edge node security for the Industrial IoT, part 2 - Story

May 22, 2018

While servers and PCs are complex enough to allow for security provisions, IIoT nodes are usually low in power consumption and processing power.


Edge node security for the Industrial IoT, part 1 - Story

May 17, 2018

As part of the IIoT, embedded sensor systems lack the past two decades of evolution that web servers have had in the hostile environment of the internet.

Articles 1 - 2