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Jeremy Cook is a freelance tech journalist and engineering consultant with over 10 years of factory automation experience. An avid maker and experimenter, you can follow him on Twitter, or see his electromechanical exploits on the Jeremy S. Cook YouTube Channel!

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For the Professional Maker: Hands-on with the OSD3358-SM-RED single-board computer - Story

April 03, 2018

These devices cram up to a 1 GHz processor, ADC, Ethernet capabilities, and 1 GB of DDR2 RAM into an enclosure the size of a nickel.

Open Source

For the Professional Maker: Raspberry Pi 3 B+ boosts the Pi 3?s processing and communication capabilities - Product

March 20, 2018

This year, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has stepped its game up with the Pi Model B+.


For the Professional Maker: Use stepper motors in your next Arduino MakerPro project - Blog

March 02, 2018

When using an Arduino board, DC motors and hobby servos are relatively easy to control, but stepper motors require a bit more electronic fiddling to get working correctly.


For the Professional Maker: Choose the right motor type for your build - Blog

February 19, 2018

When working with MCUs and the like, blinking lights and OLED outputs are fun, but to create something that actually moves, your first choice will normally be a DC motor.


For the Professional Maker: Sensor options for MCUs - Product

February 01, 2018

While Arduino boards and the like can respond to serial inputs from a computer, to really take advantage of MCUs and their associated development boards, you need an array of sensors.


For the Professional Maker: Extra hardware needed to get started with the Raspberry Pi Zero - Blog

January 24, 2018

First off, the Pi Zero doesn?t use a standard HDMI connector, or even RCA-style outputs, but needs a mini-HDMI cable.

Open Source

For the Professional Maker: Simple device-to-device communication with the NRF24L01+ module - Other

December 29, 2017

While the NRF24L01+'s range is limited to 100 meters or less line-of-sight, it?s perfect for simple remote control and data transmission applications.

Open Source

For the Professional Maker: Benefits of publishing your work for MakerPros - Other

December 14, 2017

By moving on to the next project or task without reflecting on and recording what we?ve done, we lose some important benefits that we could get from documenting our projects.


For the Professional Maker: LoRaWAN: Long-Range IoT with no strings attached - Other

December 01, 2017

The LoRaWAN low power wide area network operates on the open radio spectrum, meaning that anyone is free to set up a LoRa network without data transmission fees.


For the Professional Maker: I?C for Arduino joystick control - Other

November 02, 2017

Instead of buttons, potentiometers, and the like being fed directly into your microprocessor, you can take care of this with a few wires, and the near-ubiquitous I?C protocol.


For the Professional Maker: Making a WiFi jack-o-lantern with the WeMos D1 Mini ESP8266 - Other

October 25, 2017

As my first foray into a ?useful? ESP8266 device, I decided to make a pumpkin that can be controlled via a smart device on my local network.


For the Professional Maker: Control devices and communicate with the I?C bus specification - Other

October 04, 2017

One of the most popular protocols for facilitating integrated circuit communication is I2C. Since October 2006, no licensing fees are needed for implementation of the protocol.

Open Source

For the Professional Maker: Raspberry Pi smart home solutions - Other

September 21, 2017

You can build up your own smart home to your exact specifications for a very reasonable price by using various flavors of Raspberry Pi, available for as little as five dollars.

Open Source

For the Professional Maker: MakerPro: Custom computer volume control knob and mute button - Blog

August 04, 2017

MakerPro: I found that I had hotkeys on my keyboard that worked for mute and volume control functions, but the ergonomics are lacking.


For the Professional Maker: The Adafruit Trinket: A Tiny Dev Board for When a Few I/O Pins is Enough - Blog

July 14, 2017

The board features an ATtiny85 microcontroller for processing, giving it 8K of flash memory and five available I/O pins.


Show off your robotic prowess with robot-sumo competitions - News

July 06, 2017

[Image by RoboCore Robot Sumo by Paulolenz via Wikimedia Commons, CCA-SA 3.0] In human competition, one could argue that there is no purer expression of sport than pitting one person directly...

Networking & 5G

Make a WeMos ESP8266 dev board blink via Wi-Fi - Blog

June 29, 2017

[WeMos D1 Mini back by Tpkull via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0.] In my last article, I went over how I was able to program the WeMos D1 Mini ESP8266 development board via the Arduino IDE....


Getting started with the WeMos D1 Mini ESP8266 Dev Board - Blog

June 16, 2017

[D1 Mini front by Tpkull WeMos via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0.] Since Arduino boards have become something of a de facto standard for maker and DIY projects, many other boards have adapted...


The ClearWalker comes to life via Arduino and Bluetooth control - Blog

June 09, 2017

[Photo from footage taken by PJ Accetturo] Several years ago, I was shown a device called the Strandbeest, a mechanical walking creature that moves via wind and mechanical power. At first I...

Articles 141 - 160