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Ramin Farjadrad is co-founder & CEO, Eliyan. He is the inventor of over 130 granted and pending patents in communications and networking. He has a successful track record of creating differentiating connectivity technologies adopted by the industry as International standards (Two Ethernet standards at IEEE, one chiplet connectivity at OCP.) Ramin co-founded Velio Communications, which led to a Rambus/LSI Logic acquisition, and Aquantia, which IPO’d and was acquired by Marvell Technologies.

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AI & Machine Learning

Interconnect is the Root of Generative AI - Blog

August 28, 2023

Generative Artificial Intelligence has emerged from the laboratory to seize the public’s attention. Less attention goes to the foundational challenge of AI and its need for massive computational and memory resources. There is a growing struggle between the complexity of AI models—spiraling—and the resources available—growing slowly.

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