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I have worked directly and indirectly with embedded system design and programming since 1990. My specialties are Internet security, real time communication for embedded systems, IoT communication, and real-time distributed web applications designed specifically for (industrial) device management. I work with many technologies, including C/C++, Lua, Java, JavaScript, and HTML5.

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Software & OS

Embedded Learning Kit and IDE Focusing on Secure IoT, PKI, and Certificate Management - Blog

March 03, 2022

If you are new to IoT, or if you are new to setting up secure IoT devices requiring X.509 certificate and PKI management, then the SharkSSL IDE for ESP32 is a great starting point. All you need is a low cost ESP32 and a USB cable.

Networking & 5G

Connect to an Embedded Web Server with Automated Certificate Management - Blog

October 15, 2018

Don't let your users get caught in a security web. Make it easy for them.


Control your Christmas lights with an Arduino relay board and a mobile phone - Other

November 07, 2017

The Christmas Light Controller is a fun project that lets you provide public access to your outdoor lights during the holiday season.


How to hack IoT devices from your couch - Other

October 13, 2017

MQTT is, by default, not secure, and many MQTT deployments seem to have missed the fine print when it comes to using MQTT securely. So let's exploit it.


Have we forgotten what the ancients taught us in building defense systems? - Other

October 06, 2017

I find the multilayered defense system built into many ancient forts fascinating. Fort D?n Aonghasa in Ireland is a great example of how a multilayered defense system was used.

Articles 1 - 5