Devkit Specifications

IGLOO nano evaluation board

Microsemi Corporation

This Microsemi kit board focuses on evaluation of low-power FPGAs in the IGLOO family, including a Flash*Freeze mode on the AGLN250 nano that allows the FPGA to drop below 50 µA of current while maintaining original voltages for all other I/Os and components. The evaluation board consumes less than 150 mW of power in total. The kit is also compatible with ProASIC devices.

Item Specification
Chip • AGLN250 nano FPGA
Compute • 250,000 System Gates at 20 MHz
Memory • 1 Kb FlashROM
• SRAM and FIFO with Variable-Aspect-Ratio 4,608-Bit RAM
Blocks (_1, _2, _4, _9, and _18 organizations)
• True Dual-Port SRAM (except _ 18 organization)
I/O and Peripherals • Current Measurement Headers
• DIP Switches (x8
• 2x Expansion Headers (x8)
• Flash*Freeze Switch
• Low-Cost Programming Stick (LCPS) interface
Software • FlashPro programming software
• Libero SoC Design Suite