Devkit Specifications

Arduino Starter Kit Multi-Language


The Arduino Starter Kit Multi-Language is provides all of the components necessary to complete 15 projects, including a color mixing lamp and motorized pinwheel. The kit comes with tutorials in English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean versions. Upgrade to the Basic Kit for access to the Autodesk Project Ignite online project guides.

Item Specification
Chip Microchip ATmega328P MCU
Compute • 8-bit AVR RISC MCU at 20 MHz
Memory • 32 kB Flash (ATmega328P)
• 2 kB SRAM (ATmega328P)
• 1 kB EEPROM (ATmega328P)
I/O and Peripherals • Analog Devices TMP36 Temperature Sensor
• Murata PKM17EPP-4001-B0 Piezo Capsule
• 6x Phototransistor
• 3x Potentiometer (10k Ohms)
• 10x Pushbuttons
• 6/9V DC Motor
• Servo Motor
• ST L293D H-Bridge Motor Driver
• Tilt Sensor
Software • Arduino Software IDE