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Jeff DiCorpo is responsible for Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Efabless. Prior to joining Efabless, Jeff was a Business Unit Director at Jabil Circuit supporting strategic development and new business creation initiatives. Jeff also spent over 20 years at Hewlett-Packard working in many roles including as a Distinguished Technologist within the HP StorageWorks Division.

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An Easier, Lower Cost Path to Customizable SoCs - Story

July 08, 2021

The electronics industry as we know it today is really built around three fundamental categories of products (we might call them the three "S's"):  software, semiconductors, and systems. Innovation happens in each of the three categories which spurs further progress, creating a "virtuous cycle" driving the whole industry forward. Innovation in software has always had the lowest barrier to entry from a financial perspective - literally anyone with decent coding skills and a computer can start with very little money needed for anything else.  Creating system-level hardware has been only slightly more financially challenging.  Just about anyone can get some relatively low-cost PCB layout software, design a board, and then gather a small amount of money to buy some chips and have their board or boards fabricated. 

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