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As smart cities, smart utilities, and large-scale corporate IoT networks continue to grow, so will the attention of cyber criminals looking for new ways to make money. That is why security-by-design is a prerequisite for all connected devices.

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Debug & Test

Uncovering Testing Best Practices in a Communications Environment - Blog

October 11, 2022

Fundamental to providing reliable connectivity is the testing of products to ensure that they comply with applicable standards. Wi-SUN certified products undergo rigorous testing by independent authorized testing laboratories. It would be great to see the same meticulous approach applied across all sectors.


Why Open Standards are the Key to Building Smarter Cities and Grids - Blog

July 27, 2022

Across the globe, cities, and communities are becoming smarter, safer, more energy efficient, and healthier places to live. This isn’t by accident. It’s down to the hard work, vision, and resourcefulness of a multitude of talented stakeholders. At the heart of these sit the engineers designing and building embedded computing and communications systems that add intelligence and connectivity into applications such as street lighting, water treatment plants, building automation systems, and electricity grids.


Making Smart Cities More Secure - Story

July 12, 2022

Smart cities are on the march again. If anything, the experience of the pandemic has strengthened the resolve of urban planners to design and build safer, more efficient, and healthier living environments.


Building Smarter, More Secure Cities from the Ground up with Open Standards - Story

April 29, 2021

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are finding their way into every corner of our lives. They monitor how we drive, make factory production lines more efficient, and keep utilities running smoothly. They are also at risk of compromise from adversaries who may be financially motivated cyber criminals, nation-state operatives, or even disgruntled employees.

Articles 1 - 4