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Sunil Vaghela serves as an Associate Manager at Softnautics, a MosChip Company, and brings over 9 years of experience in Multimedia Solutions, IoT Product Development, and Embedded Systems to his role. He has successfully led and managed high-performing teams in the delivery of cutting-edge multimedia solutions, including Kernel and Device-Driver development, Multimedia subsystems (V4L2, DRM, ALSA), GStreamer development, and more.

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Inside HDR10: A Technical Exploration of High Dynamic Range - Blog

October 31, 2023

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology has taken the world of visual entertainment, especially streaming media solutions, by storm. It's the secret sauce that makes images and videos look incredibly lifelike and captivating. From the vibrant colors in your favorite movies to the dazzling graphics in video games, HDR has revolutionized how we perceive visuals on screens.

Articles 1 - 1