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Swasti is working as Senior Automation Engineer at Softnautics and has total of 6+ years of experience as Python Automation Test Engineer. In her career, she has worked on IoT projects, QA and Automation projects which requires test framework development and DevOps. She is passionate about learning new skills, debugging challenges and automation to reduce manual efforts. While not working she likes to listen to audiobooks/music/podcasts.

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Right Python Framework Selection for Automation Testing - Blog

November 21, 2022

Test automation is the practice of automating test execution using frameworks and tools to carry out tests more quickly and reduce the need for human testers. In this method of software testing, reusable test scripts are created to test the functioning of the application, cutting down on overall regression time and facilitating quicker software releases. Utilizing test automation shortens the testing life cycle's regression time and improves quality of releases.

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