Vice President of Strategic Development

Multi-Tech Systems

Passionate about creating innovative global wireless products & services, developing strategic alliances and driving industrial ecosystems. Over 20 years international experience disrupting markets with new technologies, improving brand recognition, growing market share and profitability.

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Networking & 5G

5G in Reality: If? When? How? - Blog

June 08, 2021

Major carriers and the makers of telecommunications equipment, chips, and handsets have been working on 5G for more than ten years.


The Power of Intelligence at the Edge - Story

March 05, 2020

An IBM Marketing Cloud study claims 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone -- growing at 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day.


The power of intelligence at the edge - Story

October 20, 2017

To support the exponential growth in data collection, IoT networks of the future must adopt a decentralized architecture in which processing of raw data begins not in the cloud, but at the edge.

Articles 1 - 3