Joint CEO

Jointly run Taoglas Group Holdings Limited. Company has 110+ employees, 4 locations globally and is a profitable multi million dollar entity that is continually expanding its activities, products, customers and employees globally. Responsible for Taoglas USA and Americas operations as President.

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Centimeter-level positioning will drive the next generation of location-based apps - Other

December 04, 2017

Location-based technologies have made great strides, and in many cases, location of objects can now be pinpointed within a few feet ? but what if close isn?t close enough?

Networking & 5G

In 2017, antennas will play an integral role in the success of the IoT - Other

December 19, 2016

Ever wonder if the headlines for projected growth of certain technologies in the wireless and Internet of Things (IoT) markets are realistic? Ask the...

Articles 1 - 2